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As an artist and a scientist, I explore the intersection between both disciplines in my work.
I am fascinated by the liminal zones, between fiction and reality, beauty and ugliness, attraction and disgust, art and science.
We live in an urban environment that we designed for ourselves but we are not the only ones living here. Other animals also inhabit this urban ecological niche. Through my work, I explore inter-species relationships (between humans and nonhuman animals) and research the ambivalent connection of humans to nature and the environment. Urban animals are usually perceived as pests, In my work, I try to illuminate this conflict. What makes one perceive something as either attractive or disgusting, and how can this perception be shifted?​


Links to relevant projects

Synanthrope Preserve

(Fall 2016)

A spatial audio tour through the nature of Washington Square Park.

Duration 12:59 min.



(Spring 2016)
An interactive installation on the relations between humans and rats mediated by trash.
Stop motion animation and sound work.

32-gallon trash can, found trash, black garbage bags. 


(Fall 2015 - 2016)
Interactive installation with living Ants, a 15 X 15-inch box made of acrylic plastic and sand.
In collaboration with Leslie Ruckman.


New York City’s Wonder

(Spring 2016)

A speculative design, semi-science video art that depicts New York city's most prominent resident.

Duration 5:42 min.


Series of sculptures from polymer Clay.
Inspired by previous exposure to different animal testing methods.


Time Square Electronic Garden
(Spring 2016)
An interactive installation of plants, lights and sound that lived in the center of Time Square for 24 hours.

A collaboration between ITP and Gallatin students.

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