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AniBuddy (2017)


A Mixed Reality (MR) chatbot designed to help girls aged 8-10 build confidence and problem-solving skills. Like the stuffed animals and imaginary friends you had as a kid, AniBuddy is a supportive playmate that comforts, encourages, and inspires the imagination. 

The virtual nature of this dimensional, hologram character holds lots of potential for sharing and connecting to age-appropriate content. 

Our concept also considers the value of physical connections. The Anibuddy character lives within a wristband which becomes a visual reminder of the secret friend within, and signals belonging to league of motivated girls.

This project was conceived and presented as part of Microsoft's Design Expo 2017.

Project Timeline: 8 Weeks
Collaborators: Ella Dalgan, Leslie Ruckman, Jess Scott-Dutcher, Nilomee Jesrani.

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